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AstroComms is a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Consulting and Communications Company.


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Private Consulting

Assisting STEM practitioners to leverage STEM as a driver for social and economic change.

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Corporate Consulting

Advising institutions and corporate companies how best to incorporate STEM for socio-economic development.

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Public / Government

Bridging the gap between government, public and education sectors using STEM.

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Communication / Engagement

Creating awareness around STEM through traditional and digital media engagements and in-person presentations.

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About Us

Dr. Tana Joseph is a leading astronomy researcher with a passion for using science communication to create a unified sense of belonging in STEM. She is the founder and CEO of AstroComms and splits her time between her work for the company, her research, and her role as the Equity and Inclusion Officer for all of Dutch Astronomy, through which she advances policy and social justice for the global astronomy community.

Meet Dr. Tana Joseph

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#BlackInAstro Experiences: Dr. Tana Joseph

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Dr. Tana Joseph discusses her path to becoming an astrophysicist and growing up in South Africa during the apartheid.  “You don’t expect a Black South African woman born during apartheid…

The Making of a Physicist – Dr. Tana Joseph

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Dr. Tana Jones talks about her research and how she became interested in astrophysics.

Black Hole Cygnus X-1 ‘is Much More Massive’ Than Previously Thought: Study

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First-ever black hole discovered by scientists in 1964 is much more massive than previously known, according to new research. Dr. Tana Joseph weighs in on the latest findings. The newly…


UCT Departmental Open Days

During her time as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Cape Town, Dr Tana Joseph was heavily involved in promoting the field of Astronomy to the general public, and in particular, to school learners. She was integral in helping to organise the twice-annual Astronomy Open Days in our department where school learners come to the department for a full day to hear about, and get hands-on experience in what astronomers do and how to go about studying to become an astronomer. As part of the Open Day, Tana interacted with the learners and answered their questions, presented talks on how to go about studying in the field, as well as keeping track of the feedback from the learners to find out what they learned, what they enjoyed, and where they thought things could be improved for the Open Days.

Dr. Sarah BlythDeputy Head of the Department of Astronomy at UCT

UCT Astronomy Job Shadow programme

Dr Joseph ran the Astronomy Job Shadow programme in the University of Cape Town Department of Astronomy while she was a postdoctoral fellow there. This involved keeping track of the large number of learner applications and doing the difficult job of scheduling busy faculty members and postdoctoral researchers to take on job shadow students. She often went beyond the call of duty, taking on learners to shadow herself when no one else was available – she did not want to turn any keen and interested students away. The success of her work in this area can be seen today through the many job shadow learners who visited the department and who have since entered UCT to study Astrophysics!

Dr. Sarah BlythDeputy Head of the Department of Astronomy at UCT

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See how we can help STEM practitioners, institutions and policy makers to effectively leverage STEM as a driver for economic and social development.

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