Dr Tana worked at SAAO as the Outreach Astronomer and postdoctoral research fellow, which included public engagement, science communication and media liaison on astronomy and related topics. She was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship in 2017 and continued her research at the Physics and Astronomy Department at Texas Tech University. Shortly thereafter, Dr Tana received a Royal Society Newton International Fellowship to research further into the study of black hole and neutron star binary systems at the University of Manchester, where she is currently based. She is actively very involved in outreach and science engagement, wherein she serves as a media liaison, social media coordinator and public engagement officer for astronomy institutions.


  • Undergraduate degree in Physics and MSc in Astronomy (University of Cape Town)

  • Stobie-SALT Scholarship

  • PhD in High Energy Astrophysics (University of Southampton, UK)

  • Fulbright Fellowship (2017)

  • Newton Fellowship (2018)


When not aiming for the stars or pursuing public media engagements, Dr Tana enjoys ballroom and Latin dancing as well as surfing.

Private Consulting

Assisting STEM practitioners to leverage STEM as a driver for social and economic change.

Corporate Consulting

Advising institutions and corporate companies how best to incorporate STEM for socio-economic development.

Public / Government

Bridging the gap between government, public and education sectors using STEM.

Communication / Engagements

Creating awareness around STEM through traditional and digital media engagements and in-person presentations.

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